The word “ecotone” was coined from a combination of eco(logy) plus -tone.

From the greek tonos or Tension. In other words it is a place where ecologies are in tension.

We are all ecotoners in the heart! We live in transition hanging between past and future but constantly aiming at progress. We are closely linked to objects, that every day simplify our lives, but we are also always looking for new stuff to improve our time and our sensations. The main purpose of our team is creating, re-inventing, improving, simplifying and going beyond original function of each item.



Est. 1979

Because everything we can do talks about our story.

We always warmly remember the hours our mum was used to spend in the factory, unfailingly working with paint brushes and packagings, togheter with our dad who was heading up everything with the strongest commitment.

Growing up with this images, after the university, both me and my brother decided to keep this 30 years old society, which was our parents’ greatest passion, but looking to the future and to the newest needs which were changing during the years.

We started to reorganize the society, changing the assortments and the collections. Italy seemed too small for us, so we decided to attend to some international fairs, opening our minds to Europe and to the world and then we began to see some good results.

In that moment Ecotono was born, from our need to give to some design products the possibility to improve.



We are proudly based in Nove – Italy

The material of the tradition.

Ecotono is proud to be born in Nove. Nove is one of the most important place in which ceramic is produced. The first factories arose along the small river Roggia Isacchina, which passes through the heart of Nove, and along which there are two important mills that were used for the preparation of the ceramic dough.

Thank to this deep culture in which it lives, Ecotono had the opportunity to develop its collection, which brings the ceramic tradition next to the modern needs.


What we care about

Made in italy…..First of all.

A fair benefit for everyone: for our partners, for our clients and for the community.

Dimensions count: we love artisanal products, the way to produce piece by piece by hand, crafting and tailoring each item, making each product unique for the end-user happiness.

Efficacy: each product must absolutely improve an aspect of end-user’s life. All our products have to improve users’ life.

Ecotono’s product must be sustainable and innovative: durable items with a low environmental impact. We ask our designers to think eco, to suggest us innovative, sustainable and user-oriented items.